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Take a close look at your hands.

Do they look like they could use a bit of sprucing up? Whether it’s due to the weather, your job, keeping up with the house, playing outside with the kids, or a multitude of other reasons, your hands typically take a beating. It’s not unusual for hands to look rough and dry. Here’s an interesting fact: You can often tell how old someone is by looking at their hands. Why? Because very few people pay attention to them.

If your hands can use a bit of work, let us do the job. From start to finish, our relaxing manicures will have you feeling absolutely relaxed. By the time we are done, your skin and nails will be glowing with renewed life and vitality. Doesn’t that sound wonderful? Additionally, you can feel safe knowing that all of our tools are sanitized for your health.

Forget peeling cuticles, dry, flaky skin, and nails that look like you work your fingers to the bone. Our expertly trained staff will rid you of all of these things. When you get out of your chair, your hands will look 10 years younger!

Here is just a sampling of what we offer at Ann Nails:

• Manicures
• Gel nails
• Acrylic nails
• Gel polish
• Pink and white nails
• Shellac nails
• Fills
• Pedicures
• Polish changes
• Nail art

Don’t let your hands make you appear older than you are. Once your manicure is complete, don’t forget to ask for our tips on keeping your hands looking young! We are happy to offer tips to follow at home that will keep your manicure looking fresh and new. Come see us today for professional quality manicures!

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